The first dinner party.

So we had the first dinner party! … and yep! I certainly think it was a success.

The dinner was organised at Rubino Restaurant in Valletta. Eight people were booked for the event, however one person did not make it. So we were seven, most of whom did not know each other, however ten minutes into the meal and you wouldn’t have guessed it. You would have thought we all knew each other for ages. Conversation was flowing and the excellent food and wine were certainly an added bonus.

It was also good for Derek and myself to get feedback from users and we will certainly try and implement as many of the suggestions we got as possible.

We are looking forward to the next dinner and from the comments we received, so is everyone else who came to the dinner.


Who’s coming to dinner?

A very valid comment or suggestion made about the site is that one would like to know who else is coming to a dinner that is being booked. Currently, apart from what is written in the description of a dinner party there is no further information.

We have had a good think about this and we are trying to come up with a compromise. A compromise between the desire to know who else will be there, or more importantly what type of dinner party it will be, and the right for people attending to have their own privacy.

The compromise is that instead of listing all the participants, the details of the dinner party will include the public details of the host, including an avatar if the host has one, as well as an experience level. We will start off with a Bronze Spoon level, but more of that in another post…

….and we’re off!

I enjoy dinner parties.  I like to meet people and have time to get to know them over a meal and a glass of wine.  You can talk if you feel like talking, you can listen to others talk, dinner parties are a good and healthy way to make friends, meet new people…and yet it is almost as if we have forgotten about them….a thing of the past…or just a family occasion.

This is the reason that we have come up with this website…7Guests.  We would like to revive the idea of meeting people over dinner parties again.  We invite you to join, have a look at any dinner parties that are happening in your area, and if there is still a vacancy, please join.  If there is nothing interesting happening that suits you why don;t you organise one yourself…set it up on the website and wait for your own “7 guests” to sign up to your party.

I hope you have loads of fun through this site.  If you would like to see anything different or new in how we have done it up, please contact us through the contact form on the site, or via email….we will always look forward to hearing from you.